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Tuesday Update from the Desert: Insiders Deliver on Promise; Raiders Deliver HUGE MNF Winner!
[Sep 22] - Our sources came through as promised last night, closing the betting week out on a high note. Reports indicated our syndicates would be going large on the Monday Night game, and for the majority of them it was their biggest wager of the young season. We posted the Raiders on the side (+4˝) as a 500x play as well as a 300x moneyline play at +250. While they started out a bit slow, falling behind 10-0 early, they settled in and found their groove. In the end the Las Vegas Raiders christened their new digs with a 34-24 victory. It translated into a +1,250x unit day for us, thanks in large part to the moneyline winner. We know there’s still a ton of work to be done, but it did feel good to wrap up the betting week on a positive note. Tonight the NBA playoffs take center stage, with Game 3 of the Nuggets-Lakers series. Look, we are well aware of the rocky start in the NFL. College football has been solid thus far, but our syndicates are having to adjust to the COVID sports landscape just like everyone else is having to adjust to it in their personal and professional lives. Part of the issue that they’ve encountered is the lack of fans. It has created a situation where visiting teams are not subject to crowd noise, and thus able to operate normally instead of having to use silent counts. It’s also given the offensive lines a break as they do not have to anticipate snap counts, which has reduced the number of false starts penalties. All of those little factors add up, and in the end it has produced a situation where our sources are having to reconfigure their algorithms. The thinking is after the first two weeks of the NFL season they should be close to having these little kinks ironed out. If last night is any indication, then we feel great about where we are headed. Let’s start the new betting week off by continuing last night’s momentum! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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