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Wednesday Update from the Desert: NBA Finals Resumes Tonight as Series Shifts to Miami for Game 3
[Jun 7] - Okay folks, itís time to get back to work. The Nuggets and Heat tip off Game 3 of The Finals tonight from Miami with the series tied 1-1. Our syndicates have been working since the conclusion of Game 2 on Sunday and we fully expect them to bounce back tonight in a big way. Yes itís true we have missed on the first two games, but that means the odds are in our favor more than ever tonight. Rarely, and we mean RARELY, have we missed on three consecutive plays during this NBA postseason. Itís almost unheard of. Thatís how weíve been able to build such a large profit count up to this point. Reports indicate our sources are going to be coming out aggressively tonight. Thatís great news for us. Because all the ingredients are in place for us to have a big night. Coming off back-to-back losses, combined with an aggressive approach equals a great chance for us to cash in. If you arenít following along, now is a great opportunity for you to take advantage. We only have a maximum of five betting days left in the NBA playoff season. That means itís important to take advantage of every remaining chance you have to cash in. You already know the odds are in our favor. Couple that with the plans our insiders have on releasing a big play on the game and you have all the ingredients for success. Letís crush it tonight, folks! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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