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Wednesday Update from the Desert: Soccer Insiders Making SIGNIFICANT Wager in Chelsea-Real Madrid Champions League Match!
[May 5] - It was a nice Tuesday night on the hardwood as our insiders finished 2-1 and delivered +1,170x units of profit. That wasnít the best news of the night, however. We found out through our soccer sources that there will be a significant wager made in the Chelsea-Real Madrid Champions League match. This is just the tip of what is sure to be a gigantic iceberg of opportunities this summer. Everyone knows the power of Snitch soccer, and with Euro 2021 taking place next month itís going to be a huge summer. But thereís still a month before we get there, so in the meantime our soccer sources are focusing on Champions League today. Anyone who has followed us through the years knows how powerful Snitch soccer is. Itís the sport we made our name on over two decades ago. Legendary performances in the international tournaments like the World Cup and Euro Cup put us on the map and itís been nothing but clinics ever since on the pitch. The match starts at 3:00 p.m. EST, Noon PT. Make sure you are ready. This is an opportunity you do NOT want to pass you by. In addition to that we expect NBA action later as well. Itís all shaping up to be a big Wednesday folks, and the action will get started early. Log in now, sign up and let our soccer experts do the rest! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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