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Thursday Update from the Desert: NFL Week 13 Kicks Off Tonight with Seahawks-Cowboys; Insiders Looking to Build Off Huge MNF Mamba Winner!
[Nov 30] - Itís Thursday and that means the weekend is here! At least, according to the way the Snitch defines the week. We are super pumped to build off the HUGE Mamba winner we had on Monday Night Football with the Bears. Not only did we cash the Mamba on the side, but we also took home a 500x unit winner on the Bears moneyline at +155! No doubt it was a much-needed win. Our feeling is this win will catapult us the rest of the way this year. There are certain sparks that we experience through the year that get us going on long runs. Well, consider Mondayís Mamba winner a bottle of lighter fluid being poured on a grill. We expect it to lead to an inferno! As for college football, we have conference championships this weekend, and reports are coming in from our sources indicating some big action on the horizon for a few of these games. No question the lines are razor sharp on quite a few of the matchups, but our insiders have spotted a couple of weak lines and they fully intend on exposing those for us! So make sure you are onboard and following along so you can take advantage! Also, as many of you have witnessed, the Snitch himself has made appearances in video and audio messages that weíve emailed out. These have also been posted on X (formerly Twitter), so if you follow us at @VegasSnitch you can view those through our feed as well! The great part about these messages are the heads up the Snitch will give us when thereís a Mamba play coming! Those are the types of alerts you can rely on from us moving forward! Letís have a phenomenal weekend, folks. And remember, it starts TONIGHT with Seahawks-Cowboys! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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