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Sunday Update from the Desert: NFL Divisional Round Starts with a BANG! Insiders Deliver 4-0 Sweep!
[Jan 23] - We felt it coming. The swell started last weekend when our sources delivered a Mamba winner on the under in the 49ers-Cowboys game. Then they capped off Super Wild Card Weekend with a big winner on the Rams. Even though we still finished in the red last weekend we felt that wave starting to build. During the week that followed our basketball insiders took over and delivered a slew of solid winners. Nothing of the Mamba magnitude, but winning days nonetheless. Then, with the Divisional Round kicking off yesterday, our insiders cranked it up to another level. They went big on the first game, a 1,500x unit play on the Bengals (+4) along with a Mamba rated play on the under (49). Two huge plays and neither one was ever in any doubt. The Bengals never trailed and delivered the outright winner when rookie kicker Evan McPherson split the uprights with a 52-yard field goal on the final play in the 19-16 win. It was a huge take for us and proved that when our sources step things up to the Mamba rated plays, thereís not only a great chance itís going to cash, but will do so rather easily. They throttled back in the second game and we posted the 49ers as a 500x unit play. Even though our 500x unit plays are good sized wagers, it was an example of our sources protecting the profits they delivered in the first game. But, showing that our sources stay involved with the action and as a result we never rest either, they went in again with a 2nd half play on the 49ers at +Ĺ. We posted that as a 250x unit play and sure enough, we cashed both again as San Francisco bounced the Packers from the playoffs with a 13-10 outright win. A phenomenal day to be sure, but itís already behind us. Weíve moved on to today and donít be surprised to see another Mamba released. Our sources are not going to hold anything back! Another big day on tap folks! Letís keep the momentum going! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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