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Friday Update from the Desert: Momentum Building After Back-to-Back Sweeps! Big Weekend on Tap!
[May 17] - It was another big day for us on the NBA hardwood last night. The Timberwolves absolutely blew the doors off the Nuggets in Game 6 of their series, winning 115-70, and we easily cashed both our 1,500x moneyline play on Minnesota as well as our 400x play on the under. That marks back-to-back sweeps, as we had previously hit with the Mavs and the over the night before. We can feel that momentum building, folks. Remember what we said the other day? All it takes is a spark and it will turn into an inferno of winning. We are on that path right now. Itís a great time to get on board right now if you havenít been following along already. Weíve got a special weekend package on the site right now and includes all our plays, NBA and NHL, through the weekend. Oh, thereís also the chance we may have Preakness action as well for all you horse racing aficionados. The time for an extended run is now. Weíve started the engine and now itís time to kick it into high gear. If the last two days are an indication of whatís coming up, you do NOT want to miss out! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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