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Wednesday Update from the Desert: Insiders Deliver HUGE 1,500x Olympic Basketball Winner!
[Jul 28] - What else can we say about our Summer of dominance and how the baskets continue to win? It doesn't matter if it's March Madness, the NBA playoffs, or now Olympic hoops. How about that 1,500x unit whopper of a win out of nowhere as our Insiders not only came in, but came in like a tidal wave? And for all we know they might go back on the sidelines again circling their prey until they see a ridiculous opportunity again like we got with Team USA. Here is just a phrase from the report we received: Professional clients the word is out and in a big way that USA will lay the hammer against Iran and no they will not lay off the gas even in the fourth with a big lead. There's block trades at the Bellagio, MGM, also BETMGM app and 63 sizable wagers at Pinnacle Sports and other offshores from the Insiders on Team USA. 36% of Insider wagers have increased their payouts with alternative lines as high as 45 points Consensus Insider line is 50.5 points, which makes this an incredible value play on USA Unfortunately, this game has intangibles such as geopolitical. Losing to France is one thing, but geopolitically in a world setting the United States do not want to lose to Iran in anything. They know if Iran could embarrass them, they would. And team USA has every incentive force in motion: Coming off an embarrassing loss to France Playing a geopolitical foe Coach Pop said winning is not good enough. It's time to prove team USA is still world dominant. Stating that the goal moving forward is to emulate the late Nolan Richardson's Arkansas team that was coined "40 minutes of hell." In the most recent practice American players appear to have most definitely bought in to this message and expect these professional NBA players to act as if they are playing for their next meal. Whether they are up 5, 10, 20 or 40, you won't know it because the intensity will be constant. This spells for the easiest USA win you can ever imagine as everything lines up especially with such a LOW line below 50. The challenge and a BIG challenge for Team USA will be if they can keep up the intensity after tonight. Recent history has shown after big wins they go back to complacency realizing they have superior talent to their opponents and they go back in cruise control. But, for this game against Iran, whether they cover or not, we guarantee they will red line it from start to finish. You WILL be surprised NBA players playing this intensely against an inferior opponent ESPECIALLY when we are in the age of load management and injury prevention. This game the Americans will do whatever it takes. Alert your professional Clients to play team USA Extremely Large below 40 points Very large up to 42 points Should your clients have spreads above 42 maxing at 44, tell clients to play with confidence but 20% lower than their large plays. Good Luck. Live From Tokyo. The Shark Bite Report And there you have it folks. Straight from the source. We expect the summer winnings to continue! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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