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Thursday Update from the Desert: Insiders Making Gains on Hardwood; Expect More Aggressive Approach Tonight
[Feb 2] - After cashing in on Championship Sunday, our sources passed on Mondayís card. But they have come back the last two nights with NBA action and itís added up to a nice little 3-1 run good for +950x units of profit. It started off nicely with a 2-0 sweep on Tuesday as we cashed on both the Nuggets and Lakers. Last night we dropped our first play on the Nets, a game that was over in the 1st quarter, but rebounded to cash an easy win on the Suns. While we wound up getting juiced last night, it did not cut into the profits we enjoyed from Tuesdayís sweep. Those four plays over the last two days were all posted at 500x units. Average plays for our syndicates, but we expect that to change tonight. Reports indicate we should be looking at more aggressive plays on the hardwood. As always, we are preparing for the possibility of a Mamba, but even if that does not come into play we are expecting at least one large sized play. This is where our insiders start building traction as we wait for Super Sunday to arrive. Basketball has their full focus right now and history shows this is where they do some of their best work. While the world waits for Super Bowl LVII, our groups continue to work to find those opportunities to cash in. Tonight is a must have if you want to cash on the hardwood. We donít know what it is about Thursdayís, whether itís because the weekend is almost here or what, but our sources typically shine on this night. Letís lock in, folks. We are preparing for a big one! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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