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Saturday Update from the Desert: Dream Scenario Lining Up for Snitch Tomorrow! Game 7 AND Mamba Play!
[May 28] - This is it folks! Our dream scenario has taken shape. A perfect storm of events, if you will. We are talking about Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and Celtics. Anyone who has ever followed the Snitch for any length of time knows our record in Game 7s, across all sports. We simply donít lose! As if we needed any more ingredients for this scenario, our insiders have already reported to us that we will be seeing at least one Mamba play for tomorrowís game, and possibly two! Going back as far as we can, our success rate in Game 7s is right at 80%. Thatís all-time across all sports folks. Basketball, hockey, baseball, you name it. Anytime thereís a winner-take-all set up, we are pure money. As for our Mambas, our success rate with those is a tick below 80% due to the loss we suffered on Wednesday. But, that sets us up even better for tomorrow. Thatís because we rarely miss with those plays, and itís unheard of for us to miss two in a row. So you see how this is all coming together for us. Two absolute monster forces coming together for us. A Game 7 and Mamba release (possibly two), will equate to our biggest day of this entire postseason. Make no mistake, we are coming out with guns blazing tomorrow. An absolute monster day is on tap. We promise this is one day you will not want to miss out on! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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