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Thursday Update from the Desert: Insiders Gearing Back Up for World Cup After Knockout Stage Losses; Raiders-Rams Kicks Off NFL Week 14 Tonight
[Dec 8] - No action from our insiders last night, but we will be back in action tonight. This comes on the heels of three straight losing days on the pitch. Yes, in a rarity, our soccer insiders failed to deliver in the knockout stage of the World Cup on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We know it’s frustrating. But, in saying that, we are not ready to jump ship or tuck tail and run. History is on the side of our soccer syndicates. Look, if those losing days shook you up to the point you just can’t finish along with us, then that’s your prerogative. But, we would rather put our faith in 25 years of results. History bears us out on that. Our soccer sources have never experienced a losing World Cup. Hell, they’ve never had a losing international tournament during our time as a public entity. That’s why we’re not panicking here in the desert. We know our sources will turn this ship around. There’s also the fact that there will be several more big wagers before the World Cup is over. We’ve got the quarterfinals tomorrow and Saturday, then the semi finals next week, followed by the final four teams next weekend. Tons of opportunities to not only right the ship, but turn it around in a way that puts us up nicely by the time all is said and done. That’s what the history of our insiders has shown, and that’s what we’re banking on! We’ve got NFL Week 14 action tonight between the Raiders and Rams, and we’ve also got action on the hardwood with the NBA. For those of you asking about college hoops, aside from the one post we’ve had our insiders have not really dabbled much there yet. We do anticipate that picking up after New Year’s, however. In the meantime, let’s cash tonight and get some momentum back on our side as we head into the weekend. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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