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Sunday Update from the Desert: NBA Playoff Recap; Snitch Working on Closing Deals with Football Insiders; Soccer Insiders On Board for World Cup 2022
[Jun 26] - It’s been a minute since the last update so we want to let everyone know what’s been going on behind closed doors since the NBA playoffs ended. As everyone knows, we were disappointed in how the NBA postseason went. We aren’t accustomed to coming up short there, so the fact that we finished with a .500 record but substantially down in units was a major blow. So what happened? It was a case of our biggest plays, namely our Mamba picks, failing to deliver. Over the years, regardless of the sport, our biggest plays would cash with uncanny consistency. But, for some reason this postseason, that wasn’t the case. Our biggest, most consistent plays were the ones that did us in. So instead of “win big, lose small,” our mantra did a 180 degree flip on us. But, as we have mentioned several times, do not judge us on one event. Judge us on a 365-day basis. See where we are at the end of the year. Knowing that this year contains the World Cup, you KNOW how this story will end! Our soccer insiders are already in the fold. The contracts have been signed and they are waiting to deliver on another classic World Cup. International soccer events are the true measure of the Snitch. Seeing that we’ve never come up short in any of these events, you should be salivating over the prospects of what’s on tap. Through the annals of history, the bigger the soccer event the better our results. Knowing that the World Cup is going to be a huge success for us, you should already be planning on how you’re going to play these games. As far as football, we are currently working on securing the services of several insiders for the upcoming season. Our goal is to finalize these deals before the end of July so we can hit the ground running once the college football regular season kicks off with Week Zero on Saturday, August 27. After that, the NFL will get underway with the Bills and Rams in Week 1 on Thursday, September 8. Just know that once football kicks off it’s going to be an absolute sprint towards the finish of the 2022 calendar year. When November rolls around, you’re going to have a smorgasbord of plays. Football on the weekends, and the World Cup during the week. Not to mention both on Mondays and Thursdays. Your opportunity for success is going to skyrocket once fall rolls around. In the meantime, we are working on putting together the absolute best possible team of football insiders we possibly can. You know we already have the best soccer insiders in the world. We will be back with Snitch Radio updates as well. And, like always, please email us questions you would like answered on Snitch Radio and we will happily oblige. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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