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Tuesday Update from the Desert: Snitch Finishes Off Betting Week With Another Winning Day! Six Straight Days and Counting!
[Oct 19] - Our sources continued their hot streak, cashing in with the Titans (+6Ĺ) last night in their 34-31 outright win over the Bills. Tennessee hung tough the entire game, and even when Buffalo would take the lead, it was apparent the Titans werenít going to back down and as a result the right side. We know that the baseball play on the Astros was sunk early as the Red Sox hammered them, but that 200x loser was easily offset and then some by the 500x winner on Tennessee. That makes it six straight winning days for us and itís clear now, in case you were still skeptical, that our sources have started another classic run. And that, folks, is not something you want to miss out on. We can go through our history and pick out numerous instances of these classic runs and how lucrative theyíve been. These span all sports, so itís not like this is a specific event. The one constant is the fact that once our sources heat up, they tend to stay hot for long, extended periods of time. Weíre talking over a month straight in some cases. The point is, if you havenít been following recently thereís still plenty of time to jump in and take advantage! The AL and NL championship series take center stage tonight in baseball, so look for our insiders to deliver once again. We are on the plus side overall on the diamond for these playoffs, which is no surprise in itself, but the prospects of us cashing in on our seventh consecutive winning day are great. This is a great time to be a Snitch follower. Donít miss out on this opportunity! Winning day #7 in a row goes tonight! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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