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Saturday Update from the Desert: College Football Conference Championships Today; Last Chance to Clean Up on College Foots Until Bowl Season
[Dec 4] - College football conference championship weekend got off to a rough start last night as our sources took a mighty swing, and missed, on Oregon. They split on the UTSA game, hitting the side but losing on the total, but unfortunately the big play of the night was on the Ducks and it was apparent early that Utah would roll. And they did. Today is where we need to get back on track. Plenty of opportunities abound, and this is our last chance to clean up in college football before bowl season begins. A full slate of games today, but this is actually set up in a way that benefits our insiders. Thereís enough volume to afford us a chance to make a big splash, but not too much that it becomes oversaturated. We acknowledge that the past week has been tough. But we are more than confident today will provide us the opportunity to right the ship. In a big way. We will be active all day today, starting with the early kickoffs, so make sure you donít miss a thing. Our insiders have a history of delivering on conference championship Saturday. We are banking on that history to continue today. No more talking. Just action. Big day on tap! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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