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Saturday Update from the Desert: Championship Saturday is Here! Insiders WILL be Active and AGGRESSIVE!
[Dec 7] - This is it folks. The final Saturday of the college football regular season. When we pick it back up in college football it will be for bowl season. Today represents a huge opportunity for us before the bowls begin. You know our history with the big games, and the bowl season for that matter. Well, today offers us a multitude of big games as the conference champions will be crowned. This will also be the final step before the four playoff teams are announced. Our insiders already have their sights set on these games and they already KNOW who will be among the four playoff teams. The beauty of following the Snitch this time of year is knowing you are siding with the professionals who will be making serious moves on these games. They arenít going to back off and play scared. You know the saying, ďscared money doesnít make money.Ē Instead, our syndicates look at a day like today as a GOLDEN opportunity to make a large splash. Theyíve had plenty of time to dissect these games and match ups, and will be jumping in with both feet as a result. Hell, just look at Thursday when they passed on the NFL game! The reason? They werenít in love with the game and didnít want to jeopardize this weekend in any way! Thatís how the true professionals operate in this industry! Itís imperative you follow along with us from here on out. You do not want to miss a single play from us, let alone an entire day, this time of year. We literally take things to a whole new level! First things first, crushing it on Championship Saturday! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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