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Saturday Update from the Desert: UFC Fight Night Tonight!
[Jun 20] - The UFC continues to be our exclusive source for sports and once again we have a fight night scheduled for tonight. Dana White has remained true to his promise of letting his fighters go out and earn a paycheck by continuing with these fight nights, and of course our insiders will be at the ready again. We know last Saturday was a real downer. For the first time since the pandemic, they struck out. Obviously this was a blow considering the circumstances. We have been preaching about the importance of winning during this difficult time, and keeping the losses to a bare minimum like we did two weeks ago. Thatís why last week hurt so much. For the first time we failed to deliver. Failed to keep the losses to a minimum. Which makes tonight all that more important. Our insiders are bound and determined to deliver like they had been before. Showing profits and putting us back on the plus side. We are still up overall, but we do not want any more cuts into our profits. The goal is to make up for last week and then some. We have 12 fights on the card tonight, with the main event featuring heavyweights Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov going at it. Our insiders WILL get us back on track tonight. As always, log in to follow along for free and letís enjoy some semblance of normalcy tonight. Cashing in, of course, will go a long way towards fulfilling that goal! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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