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Wednesday Update from the Desert: Celtics Deliver 1,500x Winner to Stretch Streak to Four of Five Winning Days!
[Apr 14] - Our insiders continue to heat up on the NBA hardwood. Despite dropping their first two plays of the night, both 500x releases, they rebounded to deliver another 1,500x winner and we wound up with +400x units overall. It was another example of their ability to deliver based on the money management system. Despite going 1-2 overall, they still found a way to put us on the plus side for the night. Listen, it’s not about how you get to the cashier’s window, just that you DO get to the cashier’s window! We’ll take 1-2 nights for the rest of the year if we are coming up +400x on the plus side in doing so. That’s why you can’t ever let emotions get the best of you. We are sure there were some who were disappointed over the 0-2 beginning to the night. But our sources rebounded and cashed on the big one which made all the difference in the end. Truth be told, once the Celtics were posted we were as close to 100% convinced it was going to cash as you could get. Now we need to keep that momentum going. Yes it may sound like a broken record, but once we are in the midst of the grind all that matters is cashing in at the end of every day. We’ve succeeded in four of the last five. Tonight makes it five of six! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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