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Monday Update from the Desert: Insiders Take it in the Teeth; First Big Losing Day in the Bubble
[Aug 10] - With Saturday’s plus showing, yesterday was supposed to be the day we started to build a streak. Instead, the tide turned against us in a bad way and we suffered our first big losing day of the NBA restart. We have been preaching the mantra of win big, lose small for quite some time. Up until yesterday we had held true on those words. Yes there were losing days last week, but none that were overly damaging. We were able to remain on the plus side overall throughout. Yesterday we were dealt our first big blow of the restart and it caused us to sink below into the negative overall for the first time in bubble play. A 500x loser on the 76ers was the first blow, and following that we dropped 400x plays on the Kings and the under in their loss to Houston. The only ticket that cashed was a small 100x play on the Nets, but it was just a drop in the bucket compared to the other losses and merely saved us the ignominy of an 0-fer Sunday. Now there’s serious work to be done. Our sources need to right the ship and deliver one of those patented killer days where we clear over +1,000x units. There’s zero panic amongst them (never has been and never will be), and the consensus around here is yesterday’s blow will be quickly forgotten over the coming days. Our apologies for a crummy Sunday. We will keep pushing forward and the tables WILL turn back in our favor. That much is a certainty. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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