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World Cup Day 10 Recap: Big Outcome in Sweden-Germany Game Paces Snitch
[Jun 23] - The Snitch delivered winning day #7 of 10 in the World Cup tournament, and we were paced by a big outcome in the Sweden-Germany game. Truth be told we were about a minute away from an even bigger outcome, but the Germans scored the game winner in extra time for the 2-1 win. We started out nicely with an easy win on the over in the first match of the day between Tunisia and Belgium. Our play cashed at the 18í mark of the game, which led to a stress-free early win. In the second match we dropped the +0.5 point spread play on South Korea, but extra time was finally kind to the Snitch. Trailing 2-0, it appeared we would drop the +1 point spread play as well. But the South Koreans scored to salvage a much needed push. The third match between Sweden and Germany is where our insiders went all in. They took the Swedes for no limit plays on the +1 and +1.5 sides, then added 200x tips on Sweden for the first half and the game over. With the game tied at 1-1, it appeared Sweden might even have the chance on the moneyline when Boateng received his second yellow card at 82í and was subsequently disqualified. But the Germans scored on a sensational effort by Kroos in the fifth minute of extra time and it cost us a sweep on our sides for the game, as we had to settle for the push at +1. All in all it was still a very productive day as we took home +680x total and again, cashed for the seventh time in 10 days. We have suffered our share of misfortune, especially in extra time, through the first 10 days of World Cup 2018, but we can tell you with full confidence the dam is about to break. When it does, WOW is all we can say! Think about it folks. Seven of 10 days on the plus side and we havenít even hit our stride yet. When our soccer insiders start their streak, nothing can stop them. Itís not out of the realm of possibility that we finish World Cup 2018 up +7-8k in units. THATíS how confident we are in our sources. Tomorrow we keep the momentum going! Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong

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