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Tuesday Update from the Desert: Silverbacks Not in Action...Snitch Suffers 0-2 Drubbing
[Feb 25] - Letís call it what it is. Weíve been in a helluva slump on the harwood recently. The Silverbacks, who delivered for us last Tuesday, were not in action last night and we wound up going 0-2. Not that the Silverbacks are the only sources we have, or the only ones who can deliver, but it was a double shot of disappointment not having anything from them and then turning around and getting shut out. We had been enjoying a hugely successful season on the hardwood, and then things kind of tapered off to where we were basically holding steady for a stretch. But this past week has seen us take it on the chin and we have nosedived as a result. Overall we are still up for the year in basketball, college and the NBA combined, but itís nowhere near what it was a few weeks ago. In looking deeper at the numbers, we are still doing fine with the NBA but college is really where we are taking our lumps. Again, this happens in the money markets. They go up and down. Our mission, as it always has been, is to minimize the losses and maximize the gains. So when you see us hit a wall like we have this past week, the hope is it wonít last very long. Of course our insiders arenít trying to lose, but they are prone to slumps every now and then. Much like any athlete goes through from time to time. But when it turns back in our favor...WOW! Thatís when our sources really make some noise. The turnarounds are typically the kind that not only make up for what has been lost previously, but goes above and beyond that to incorporate serious gains in the process. Letís hope that turnaround happens soon. Like tonight! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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