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Saturday Update from the Desert: Insiders Hit Wall After Blistering Hot Streak; Win or Money Back Today!
[Oct 24] - After a scintillating eight-day winning streak where our insiders couldnít miss, weíve hit the proverbial wall the last three days. Whether or not that coincides with the start of the World Series we donít know, but the market definitely turned against us for sure. So itís back to the grind. Thatís what we always do, but when the tables turn we have to grind just a little more. The only thing that will get things turned back around for us is hard work, and luckily thatís embedded in our DNA. If we have to work twice as hard as normal to get back on track, thatís what weíll do. Itís what our sources will do. Luckily for you, thatís what our strategy is. Thereís no substitute for it. Others in this industry simply wake up, post their opinions, and go about their business for the rest of the day. Not us. Not our sources. We work around the clock while the games are going on, looking for any information that is going to put us on the right side. So when we hit a rough patch, like we did the last few days, it gives us a better chance to turn things around. So, to put our money where our mouth is, we are offering todayís package as a win or money back refund. We want to eliminate as much stress from the equation as possible. We want to take the risk away for our followers. For those who arenít aware of what this offer is, let us explain. You sign up for the Saturday package. We win, you win. We lose, you get an immediate refund on your purchase. Itís that simple. Big, big day today. The Big Ten is back and that only adds more games to the slate. As well as Game 4 of the World Series. Time to get back on track. Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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