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Wednesday Update from the Desert: Focus Shift to Hardwood as Insiders Get Us Ready for Divisional Round of NFL Playoffs
[Jan 13] - It was a quiet Tuesday in terms of volume as we transitioned to the hardwood after having football dominate over the previous few weeks. We were looking for a rebound after failing to deliver in the CFP National Championship Monday night. Unfortunately, the only play we released did not deliver, as Duke fell to Virginia Tech in ACC play, 74-67. We did post it as a no limit 500x play, so even though it was our only tip of the night it still stung we didnít come out on the right side. For those of you asking, we are going to be fine in hoops. We expect big things on the college hardwood for sure. Our sincere hope is that we will be able to have a March Madness this year. Everyone knows the pandemic wiped that out last year, but since the regular season is happening we are keeping our fingers crossed the tournament will happen. Regardless, we are getting ahead of ourselves. The main focus right now is to get a run going on the hardwood this week, and then crush the NFL playoffs again this weekend. The Super Wild Card Weekend was spectacular, but that was just a portent of things to come. This WILL continue through the divisional round, Championship Sunday, AND the Super Bowl! Weíve got three days to take advantage of before the NFL playoffs resume, and we expect the volume to tick up during that span. Again, a single play which lost last night, but word is our sources are going to ramp things up as they are seeing a few games they LOVE the rest of this week. Sign up now and letís get that momentum back in our favor! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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