Here at the Vegas Snitch we weigh our tips using a 5x to 100x scale. Now there are several different ways one can weigh a tip when releasing it, but we found this to be the most effective model. The reason is simple. In any mathematical formula, x represents the variable. The numerical value we place in front of the x is our confidence level in the tip. For example, we would be more confident in a 75x tip versus a 10x play, and you in turn should bet those plays accordingly. Thatís where the x comes into play. Weíre not telling you how much money you should put down on any single tip. That is up to you. You are the only one who knows what you can afford when placing a wager. One person may place a $5 value on the x, while another may play a $1 value on it. That is why we use a variable and not some gambling terminology like a ďdimeĒ when rating our plays. YOU as the bettor know what you can afford to wager and thatís why this is the most realistic model to use. This is also the most effective way to keep an honest and accurate money management system in place. Think about it for a minute. If weíre up 100x at any given point in time, you would know exactly where you stand based on the numerical value you used for x. If itís $5, you would be up $500 at that precise moment. We are huge believers in money management and thatís why you should never, ever lose your shirt when you follow our tips. Should we release a 100x tip that loses, and trust us it does happen from time to time, you should still be standing firm from a financial situation. In fact, we would expect you to still be holding strong even after a series of six or seven straight 100x losing tips if you follow our money management system. Trust us, this is THE most responsible form of sports betting in the market today. When we tell you to follow our money management model we are giving you the combination to the safe. All markets experience ups and downs, gains and losses, but our system will put you ahead in the long run because of our model. There simply isnít any other service out there that can touch us in terms of pricing or performance! You the bettor are able to stay ahead of the game without worrying about high daily costs that other sports services charge. When they lose a play, youíre in the hole for the wager and what they charged you. When they win, youíre still not cashing in to your maximum potential because of their daily service charge. When you follow the Vegas Snitch youíre capitalizing on your true earning potential! Remember to ALWAYS bet responsibly and NEVER place a wager you canít afford to lose. If you follow our simple money management strategy you WILL come out on top in the long run!

1) Be Einstein. Yes. Be smart. In this case, use the "Theory of Relativity." Everyone's risk is relative. Understand your risk. You should be so comfortable with your risk that if you even lose five games in a row, it should not put a dent in your bank roll. Everyone has different bankrolls.

2) Use the Snitch Ratings. Understand from top to bottom these are the rank of order of plays from highest to lowest. Don't panic. Sure we will lose games. You would lose games on your own as well. That is part of the market. The way you make money is not being emotional. Weather the storm. Ride it out. Watch how "The Snitch" rebounds twice as strong as the downtrend was. No one in any market ever makes money being emotional. If you cannot handle losses, investing is not for you. Nothing is guaranteed. So, only be in this market if you can handle risks.

3) No one gets rich with EGO. How many ego's were crushed during the dot com crash on Wall Street when everyone from physicians to teachers were yelling, "I don't need advice. I am doing great on my own." Well, you saw the ending to that story. Do not let your ego control the ship of your money. Who cares how you make money in this market as long as you make money? Why does your ego need fed? Why do you need to be the man? Hey we have no problems following what the real pro's are doing in the markets, so why should you? You can read and educate yourself all you want, the ending to the story will still be the same if you think you can beat this market on your own.

4) Be honest with yourself. There is a reason why you are curious what "The Snitch" can do. Thatís because odds are you haven't been doing well on your own. Only YOU know how successful you have been in your sports investing life. Don't be short sighted. Don't fool yourself and say you are on a roll this week. No. How well have you done from your very first bet to your most recent? Ask yourself, are you up money for your sports investment life time or not? BE HONEST! You KNOW the answer. If you have failed and continue to fail, then stop the bleeding NOW! Follow "The Snitch."

5) Be patient. Very Patient. Just let the Insiders do their jobs. Trust them. Think like a blue chip investor. You will have down days, but your patience will be rewarded.

6) Understand "The Snitch" loses, but "The Snitch" rebounds after a losing day 85% of the time throughout it's history. That is remarkable. You don't jump ship when the Snitch loses, you actually get on board. So, ALWAYS jump on board "The Snitch" after a losing day.

7) STAY AWAY FROM SERVICES AND MESSAGE BOARDS AND AS MANY GAMBLING SITES AS POSSIBLE. This is hopefully a no brainer. We have shown many examples in the past. Do not trust any of these sites. They entice you with false information and next thing you know you lost money. Quick example: a site claims they have inside information for you. But, then they say they will give you a bonus if you bet with their sponsor sports book. How does that spell honesty? Isnít that a conflict of interest? Do you think the sports book being sponsored is trying to help you beat them and take your money? Use logic and rationale. Ask yourself these questions all the time. Trust us in time many of these so called informational sites will be exposed, embarrassed, tarnished, which will lead to their demise unfortunately. Remember, this is an industry full of con artists. We are here to expose them and give you the best accurate, honest advice possible. We work around the clock 24/7 and give you so many free days. In return we ask you, just use logic. Do you really think someone on a message board has a REAL TIP? Do you think any of these services know even one legitimate source in the industry? Please be sharp.

8) Trust us. If there's one thing we pride in most is our integrity. Everyone knows when we fail to deliver a winning day or week we ALWAYS give the next charging day or week for free to those who purchased. We are here to help you. To inform you, look you are not the only one that cannot beat this market. No one can, but the insiders of the industry. Let us guide you through by giving you their plays and sound advice. We are not forcing you to follow us. But, at minimum realize we are the ONLY place on earth where you will find 100% accurate information in this industry. Think how many days and hours we work for YOU at no cost. Because, we know we have something special and want to share it with you. But, you have to trust us. Not just for the big games which we have become famous for, but for everything. We are in the same boat as you are. We go to war with you unlike 99% of services out there. We wager on our games because we TRUST our information and we need you to trust us in our resources and information. Do not let anyone out there fool you with tips and information. Trust us. We have done this for years. Do not be impressed with someone winning for a week straight. That is blindly being impressed. Trust us. That source will eventually lose week after week after week. Trust us. We are YOUR ONLY CHANCE!!!

9) Remember there can only be one Snitch. "WE HEAR IT BEFORE THEY SAY IT"