Folks we are proud to announce the unveiling of the NEW and IMPROVED VEGAS SNITCH!

As you know we have always held our followers in the highest regard.  Whether it’s comping them after a losing day, attempting to keep the market price as low as possible when negotiating with our insiders, to actively pursuing the best possible delivery methods we can get our hands on for our tips.

Well, we are proud to announce that our “new” site will put an end to any and all delays of the past in terms of tip delivery!

If you are a long-time follower of the Snitch, you might think this site looks familiar.  Well it should!  That’s because we have gone back to our roots in an effort to deliver the best possible Snitch experience for everyone!

Snitch Delivers another BCS National Championship Sweep!

Just like last year when the Snitch delivered a 3-0 sweep with Alabama and the Under against LSU, the Snitch came back with an encore performance once again riding the Tide to a BCS National Championship sweep in their destruction of Notre Dame!

The Snitch also correctly predicted the over which gave us a perfect 2-0 sweep!

World Soccer

World Soccer

Snitch Street

Snitch Street


With so much uncertainty in the markets, we continue

to hold our four positions. Those being Chesapeake

Energy (CHK), Dell, Tarragon (TARR), and Quicksilver

(KWK). Our stocks have been making significant moves

upwards and we will continue to hold all four

positions as we see no significant changes or

surprises in the economy. Obviously, we will monitor

the federal reserve. However, whatever the federal

reserve does or doesn’t do would be no surprise either

way. We still feel inflation does challenge the

federal reserve and this is where our priority is as

well. Right now is a time where you want to put your

money in stocks that will be able to handle economic

uncertainties or a downturn. Of course when the

markets are healthy and going up so will these type of

The Snitch Report