For the past few years sports enthusiasts  have been following the sports picks of the now famous Vegas Snitch.  For years, followers, just like you, have been awed at the success and accuracy of the Snitch’s advice and fortunate to follow in the Snitch’s sports investing philosophy. 

The time has come for Vegas Sports Entertainment to take the Snitch to the next level. The investors of this service want to bring the Snitch’s investment philosophy to those of you that need it. Vegas Snitch works hard to filter through a great amount of information to make the best plays it can and ultimately benefit the Snitch and its growing follower base.

Vegas Snitch is not one single person. It is a team of experts who rely on education and resources deep insider the sports betting industry. The team consists of experienced professionals, in the financial markets, law, engineering, mathematics, sports-line settings, sports-line readings, head directors of sports books, and computers.  The Snitch network is domestic, as well as international, going as far as Asia and Costa Rica where some world’s most experiences sports investors exist. This endless network, is what we call ‘Insiders’, the brains behind the lines and the professionals that dissect and know how to beat the numbers, called ‘tipping’. It is a powerful team with deep relationships inside the industry, acting as messengers by ‘snitching’ out what the Insiders and the professionals of the industry are doing. The Snitch is dedicated to minimizing the risk of gambling and making the best investment decisions possible.

The popularity of the Vegas Snitch says it all as the selections are getting viewed by thousands on a daily basis. For years (2000-2003) the Snitch was posting winners at no cost while building its network of insiders and getting ‘inside’ the industry and people were amazed at the success rate. Before anyone could blink an eye the Snitch would take over every site building trust and confidence from both followers as well as ‘insider’ resources. Fortunately, through Vegas Sports Entertainment, the Snitch became public at in 2003. Known as being one of the best kept secrets in Vegas, the secret soon made media break throughs and after years of thousands of loyal followers “chipping in” for insider information, Vegas Sports Entertainment launches a new and improved website in 2013. So get ready to see success as you have never seen in this industry.  As the followers of the most successful sports investor out there say: “Long Live the Snitch!” Because, remember:  WE HEAR IT BEFORE THEY SAY IT!!!

New Features!

The Snitch team is proud to announce the new site launch of 2007! Congratulations on being a loyal snitch follower as we welcome you to experience the long awaited site launch! First of all, we want to thank you for your loyalty and patience during this transition. The new site has been requested and expected for some time now and we are pleased to finally deliver it to you because WE HEAR IT BEFORE THEY SAY IT!

Please read for further help and understanding of each feature.

Keep in mind, we will be “rolling out” certain new features slowly. For now the new site is going live and functionality is in place, however with some features in ‘beta’ meaning still being tested for usability and success. Here’s a list of betas that coming out soon! We will be announcing their availability as they are ready.

·         Snitch Radio

·         Snitch IT Prize game

·         Snitch's Sports


 The Snitch’s philosophy counteracts and combats these losses by following the “insiders” and what the casinos, odds makers and lines makers know that Gamblers do not. The Snitch knows that following a disciplined and successful investment philosophy leads to wealth creation, while minimizing the high risks associated with gambling, thereby increasing the odds of winning. Making an investment, whether it is in the stock market or in the sports industry, is a risky proposition. However, with the benefit of education, information, patience, dedication, and ambition investors can reduce the risk to very low percentages and while maximizing the potential rewards. The mark of a good investor is the investor’s performance over the long run, one that any follower of the Snitch can attest to is superb.


Snitch Investing

Rating System & Rules

Here at the Vegas Snitch we weigh our tips using a 5x to 100x scale. Now there are several different ways one can weigh a tip when releasing it, but we found this to be the most effective model.

The reason is simple. In any mathematical formula, x represents the variable. The numerical value we place in front of the x is our confidence level in the tip. For example, we would be more confident in a 75x tip versus a 10x play, and you in turn should bet those plays accordingly.

That’s where the x comes into play. We’re not telling you how much money you should put down on any single tip. That is up to you. You are the only one who knows what you can afford when placing a wager. One person may place a $5 value on the x, while another may play a $1 value on it. That is why we use a variable and not some gambling terminology like a “dime” when rating our plays. YOU as the bettor know what you can afford to wager and that’s why this is the most realistic model to use.

This is also the most effective way to keep an honest and accurate money management system in place. Think about it for a minute. If we’re up 100x at any given point in time, you would know exactly where you stand based on the numerical value you used for x. If it’s $5, you would be up $500 at that precise moment.

We are huge believers in money management and that’s why you should never, ever lose your shirt when you follow our tips. Should we release a 100x tip that loses, and trust us it does happen from time to time, you should still be standing firm from a financial situation. In fact, we would expect you to still be holding strong even after a series of six or seven straight 100x losing tips if you follow our money management system.

Trust us, this is THE most responsible form of sports betting in the market today. When we tell you to follow our money management model we are giving you the combination to the safe. All markets experience ups and downs, gains and losses, but our system will put you ahead in the long run because of our model. There simply isn’t any other service out there that can touch us in terms of pricing or performance!

You the bettor are able to stay ahead of the game without worrying about high daily costs that other sports services charge. When they lose a play, you’re in the hole for the wager and what they charged you. When they win, you’re still not cashing in to your maximum potential because of their daily service charge.

When you follow the Vegas Snitch you’re capitalizing on your true earning potential!

Remember to ALWAYS bet responsibly and NEVER place a wager you can’t afford to lose. If you follow our simple money management strategy you WILL come out on top
in the long run!

Privacy Policy

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