Folks we are proud to announce the unveiling of the NEW and IMPROVED VEGAS SNITCH! As you know we have always held our followers in the highest regard. Whether it’s comping them after a losing day, attempting to keep the market price as low as possible when negotiating with our insiders, to actively pursuing the best possible delivery methods we can get our hands on for our tips. Well, we are proud to announce that our “new” site will put an end to any and all delays of the past in terms of tip delivery! If you are a long-time follower of the Snitch, you might think this site looks familiar. Well it should! That’s because we have gone back to our roots in an effort to deliver the best possible Snitch experience for everyone! This is not a knock on our previous site. Far from it. We could not have been happier in its appearance and attractiveness to anyone who visited our site. It was also a great way for us to convey our updates and newsletters to our customers. But all during that time we would receive complaints from time to time about our tips not getting in fast enough to our followers. We worked at repairing that problem from the word go. But the truth was we needed to relaunch our old site along with some revisions since it offered the best method of delivery for our tips. If you are a long-time follower of the Snitch we are happy to announce that all of your old log in information is still intact. If you forgot your username or password simply reset it and you will be all set. If you have only been following the Snitch for a short time or you don’t recognize this site from before, you will need to register anew for the site. Some features we have is the ability to take credit card payments for our tips directly through the site. If you choose to continue to use PayPal, we accept that as well. We also have “Snitch Radio” that will be launching soon, offering our insights into everything from upcoming matchups to stock tips and we will even have a podcasts for our new weekly show that will be coming soon. Another feature that will be coming soon is our “Snitch Prize Games”. These will be daily contests we offer which will include chances to win cash, iPads, TV’s and other exciting prizes! We will release an announcement when this exciting new feature is available. Folks we have heard your voices. We have listened to your concerns. And we have acted on your behalf! The Snitch returning to its roots. What could be better? It’s our way of saying we are here for you and always will be! Enjoy the “new” Vegas Snitch and may you all prosper in great health. Stay blessed and long live the $nitch!