Brand New features! Please read each feature and description for further information and understanding on the functionality. Most of all, enjoy the features! 

·         Snitch News and Stories:  Get breaking news stories on the sports betting industry with our news and stories and cover article features! Come to the Snitch to learn more and bet wiser!


·         Snitch Radio: Tune into live radio shows that can ‘podcasted’ to your media devices or just heard via streaming audio/video! Interviews with special guests like odds makers, casino managers, syndicates!! The only radio show that guarantees you get INSIDE the industry.


·         Scores and Odds: Get your scores and odds for a snitch featured game right here at! The Vegas Snitch understands each casino or sportsbooks and that each casino or sportsbook can have any line they want for the same exact games. The key to Snitch Scores and Odds is they are from the top sharpest and most profitable sportsbooks in the world! While the average sportsbook in Las Vegas makes less than 2% of annual total income for a casino, these 18 sports books nearly triple and quadruple those numbers. The Snitch odds automatically adjust the number by averaging out with line movements. You will notice unlike many books, not a lot of volatility with these odds as these sports books are extremely confident in their numbers and it takes a lot of money to move their lines. Volatility happens with factors such as injury and weather. You are looking at the MOST ACCURATE ODDS ON EARTH WITH SNITCH'S ODDS and even the casinos and Las Vegas Consultants will vouch for our odds system.


o    Snitch Casting: Get up to the minute play by play details on Snitch featured games to follow the game inside and out right here on! Watch out! With each Snitch Casting play by play you will also get tips on betting information and personalized game commentary from a sports investment perspective! Snitch Casting will be 'enabled' when you can see 'Snitch Cast' next to a game in the scores and odds box. You can then click on it and view the play by play for free, yes free!


o    Sharp Tracker: Now, home of the Sharp Tracker, the Snitch will decode the insider information for you and let you know where the insiders are tracking on each snitch game! The ONLY true instrument in the industry that gives you an inside look at what is going on Inside the industry: Why lines moved, How much is being bet on the game. Which casino has the most action, Who the odds makers are telling us is the right side to bet. And most importantly, what the big groups known as networks and syndicates are doing. Sharp Tracker will be enabled when you see 'Sharp Tracker' next to a featured game in the scores and odds box. Click on it and enter the secret code to get Sharp insider information!


·         Snitch’s Sports: More news and stories, articles and insider information on all the Snitch Sports. Watch out for seasonal sports news! The only articles with 100% insider industry accuracy from the casinos, sports books, syndicates what the media is saying, and much more. Ground breaking news that will shake and rattle the sports gaming industry forever! Watch out for seasonal sports news!

·         Snitch Prize games: New prize games where you can play legally and win money! Its simple and easy to follow.


o    Snitch IT! Be an expert in what you know and Snitch IT. Just answer the question correctly and win!


o    Surveys: customer surveys to have your voice heard; give us feedback and participate in our gaming polls.


·         Character text messaging: now be able to receive character text messages to your phone from The Snitch. Want to know the “unload” play? When the sharp tracker will be on, We’ll tell you!


·         Insider announcements:  See what the Snitch is hearing right on the home page when he receives a call from one of the Snitch network insiders! Get insider information and by simply watching out for Snitch cell phone messages on the VegasSnitch home page!

What you already love and know, with added functionality and new look and feel:

·         My Snitch

o    Able to update and manage your own personal info and better control.

o     Documented purchase history 


·         Snitch’s Picks

o    New scrolling text for customized announcements on picks

o    Picks sorted out for easier filtration


·         Register

o    Surveys for customer feedback, polls and questionnaire for continuous improvement


·         The Desk

o    Visible on home page no need to navigate elsewhere

o    More History of “Desk” updates from management


The Snitch team is very excited about the future of the Snitch and being able to release a new and improved website with functionality tailored to your requests. We hope you enjoy the experience and help us in our continuous improvement and customer service.

Disclaimer: though the new site has implemented some backend features that will assist and improve on selecting and releasing plays, there are still many factors that we will still have little control over which will challenge the team everyday. The business is not 100% run by computers which can be programmed, there is still human error, analysis and insider information dependencies, etc that is factored in the complex system. Posting times and number of picks are a matter of insider information, our dependencies, contracts and number of users on the site, etc. The new site will not be the solution to every problem, nor is there a guaranteed 100% fix to anything. Even after the new site, we will be tweaking the system and of course rolling out new functionality as we try to figure out the best way to deliver picks and best of all, GROW!

For help or feedback, please visit the contact us page for appropriate emails to contact.