Gamblers WILL always lose. To illustrate this point, look no further than the Las Vegas Casinos. These are the most beautiful buildings with gold, marble, and platinum to name just a few seen all over these exotic architectures. These extremely expensive buildings are built and maintained with YOUR (gamblers) money. Casinos know that gamblers base their bets on egos and not science. These casinos are run by science, statistics and psychology. Simply put, gambling to them is not ego or allegiances to certain “favorite teams”, it is education. For example, one small casino has four casino mangers. Each manager has a Masters degree or a Phd in math, statistics or psychology. Casinos also know gamblers lose because they bet against their bookie, thinking their local bookie knows something they do not, when in fact the local bookie is just using uses off shore and casino numbers from right here in Vegas which are generated by some of the most educated people you can ever imagine. Simply put, Las Vegas exists because gamblers lose.


Gamblers also lose more because the Internet. Since the Internet boom and subsequently off shore books boom, gamblers reportedly lose 90% of their entire account; reloading it at least four times and of the four times, lose the entire account twice. Similar to when ‘day traders’ suffered during the dot com crash on Wall Street, the Internet has done the same for sports gamblers. Gamblers falsely believe they have extra information then before the internet, giving them an ‘educated’ edge. But, unfortunately, these Internet information factors are already priced and factored in by the odds makers. Odds makers know the Internet is their biggest weapons because people spread theories and systems that are proven to fail over the long term. The sports market is like the stock market: You can never beat the market, because if you could, you would be a billionaire. But, if you are trained and educated “inside” the industry, your information, science and ultimately your odds are much higher at profiting short term and long term.


 The Snitch’s philosophy counteracts and combats these losses by following the “insiders” and what the casinos, odds makers and lines makers know that Gamblers do not. The Snitch knows that following a disciplined and successful investment philosophy leads to wealth creation, while minimizing the high risks associated with gambling, thereby increasing the odds of winning. Making an investment, whether it is in the stock market or in the sports industry, is a risky proposition. However, with the benefit of education, information, patience, dedication, and ambition investors can reduce the risk to very low percentages and while maximizing the potential rewards. The mark of a good investor is the investor’s performance over the long run, one that any follower of the Snitch can attest to is superb.


Of course we have to apply our vast resources into every selection we make. We believe that investing for the long run will always allow us to come out on top. If you want instant riches play the lottery and good luck with that. The Snitch preaches discipline and patience, two qualities that are often lacking in a gambler. The Vegas Snitch only invests on sports teams when the experts associated with the Snitch are extremely confident that the probabilities point to a cover and a win thereby increasing the chances of a positive outcome. You tell us. Wouldn't having 100% media access to the Super Bowl, the BCS National Championship, and the March Madness tournament increase the probabilities of understanding the teams for these big games? Wouldn't it be a distinct advantage knowing the actual lines makers on games YOU wager on? Wouldn't it be a huge advantage having top financial advisors in the most respected institutions applying their methods into sports investments?  And most importantly, would it not be an extreme advantage knowing just about every casino manager in Las Vegas and the off shore odds makers also? ALWAYS come on top. Realize that these Insiders can play 50 games a day and still win. That is how much they know. Meanwhile, 94.9% of gamblers cannot finish the year over plus .500.

It’s your choice. You can continue to lose your hard earned money just to feed an addiction. Or, you can follow the Vegas Snitch as a proven wealth creator in sports investing. The Snitch reduces the risks. The Snitch DOES NOT take chances. The Snitch increases probabilities of success. So the only question you have to answer is: “Do I ‘bet’ on the Snitch or do I bet on myself.” Remember, just because you bet, doesn’t mean you have to gamble. Long Live the Snitch, because we hear it before they say it!