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March Madness Week One Recap: Doubling Down Proved to be Undoing
[Mar 19] - The first week of March Madness is in the books and it was a very trying time for the Snitch and all of our followers. We arenít used to having it go against us the way it did during the first week and again, we apologize to all who were on board with us. On the surface it appeared to be a horrific stretch, but digging deeper it shows that we are not only on the cusp of a serious breakout, but it should have actually happened already. We are speaking about what cost us, and cost us dearly over the first four days...the doubling down on games. At the beginning of the tournament we went on record stating that we were going to play the board because thatís what the Silverbacks do. This not only has proven to be a major strategy of success for them, but it also increases the entertainment value for everyone that is on board. The problem we encountered came about because of games that we doubled down on, and lost. This was essentially doubling our losses at the expense of single games that were posted as winners. In looking at the 48 games we played in the first four days of the tournament, we actually correctly predicted the winning side (ATS, of course) in 26 of them. Counting the juice, that would have actually put us on the plus side in units had we just flat betted those sides with nothing else. But we suffered dearly with the losers that we doubled down on. That, and only that, proved to be our biggest undoing of the first week. Just look at Sunday for example. We crushed it on the sides by going 6-2 in the eight games played. One of those losses was a colossal melt down by Cincinnati, who led by 22 in the second half before choking it away in its upset loss to Nevada. But, again, doubling down proved to be our undoing. We doubled up on Auburn and they were subsequently crushed by Clemson. The fact both were posted as no limits severely cut into our profits for the day. The doubling up on no limits is what has us in such a hole after the first week. For that we canít apologize enough. Part of solving a problem is identifying the problem in the first place. It doesnít take a genius to spot the issue here. Rest assure it is being taken care of as we speak. We take full responsibility for the lousy first week. That goes without saying. We also want everyone to know that the Silverbacks are doing exactly what theyíre supposed to be doing...playing the board and finding the winners. Looking ahead to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds, we couldnít be more confident about how this tournament is going to play out. In fact, it wouldnít surprise us in the least to see us deliver a four-day clinic starting this Thursday. The immediate goal is to recoup the losses from the first week in the Sweet 16, and then put everyone in the positive after the Elite Eight. Again, talk is cheap. Our actions need to do the speaking from here on in. Everyone who has followed the Snitch for any amount of time knows where our hearts are. It kills us anytime we encounter a bad stretch. We canít apologize enough for the results of the first week, and it is our mission to get everyone on the plus side before the Big Dance is over. We will update everyone again as we get closer to Thursday, but please know that when we set out on a mission, we wonít stop until we succeed. The gauntlet has been laid down and we fully intend on delivering a Snitch classic from the Sweet 16 on in. Once again, our deepest apologies for a terrible first week. We WILL remedy the situation! Long live the Snitch. #VegasStrong

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