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NFL Week 11 Kicks Off Tonight! Titans vs Steelers! NBA on TNT Doubleheader! Snitch Insiders Making Big Move TONIGHT!
[Nov 16] - NFL Week 11 kicks off tonight with the Titans visiting the Steelers. Itís a matchup of two division leaders and promises to be an entertaining game, which hasnít always been the case with these Thursday night games. Itís a big night for the Snitch in that we want to keep the momentum going from last week, but the last two nights on the hardwood have not been kind to us. We will reverse that misfortune with the NFL, the NBA on TNT and possibly college football as well. Most likely there wonít be any action for us in college hoops, but be prepared in the event one of our sources springs into action there. The other day we mentioned an exciting announcement coming up for football. Things are being finalized at this moment, so we canít divulge any more information than that, but suffice to say itís going to be a game changer. Think March Madness. Itís going to be on that type of scale! As for tonight, our Prime Timers are taking the lead for the NFL and our basketball insiders are going to bring us the NBA on TNT winners. We will be in contact with our other groups in the event there is college football and/or college hoops action to add, so a busy night for the Snitch and we canít wait to get after it! We are getting close to the end of the regular season in college football and as things take shape our groups are making moves on futures bets as well. There have been inquiries as to whether or not we would release any of these futures plays to our followers. We are taking that under advisement and will have answers to those questions shortly. In the meantime, get ready for a HUGE start to the weekend! Our insiders are locked, loaded and ready to UNLOAD! Long live the Snitch! #VegasStrong

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