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Snitch on Tap Tuesday: The NBA on TNT
[Jan 23] - Snitch on Tap Tuesday: The NBA on TNT Conference Championship Sunday is in the books and while we will admit it wasnít the result we were expecting, it wasnít an abject failure either. It was clear our sources LOVED the Jaguars and truly expected them to upset the Patriots. Letís face it, they really should have stamped their ticket to Super Bowl LII. The Jags defense kept mighty Tom Brady and company at bay throughout most of the contest. In fact, the only time the Patriots were able to sustain a drive was when it was aided by pass interference penalties, most of them questionable at best. Even after New England took the lead late, there was plenty of time for the Jags to drive for the winning TD. A big pass play on the second play of the drive put Jacksonville in business in Pats territory. However, the play calling became suspect after that. With two timeouts and the 2:00 warning at their disposal, the Jags could have easily ran the ball in an effort to gain positive yards. Instead an incomplete pass set them up for a 2nd and 10, and Blake Bortles took sack. That really stymied any momentum they had, and when they threw underneath to set up a more manageable 4th down, it was still going to be a long shot. Bortles actually threw a good ball and if not for a great play by the Patriots DB, the Jags may have scored on that play. But it didnít work out that way, and we were forced to live with just the no limit winner on the side. The next game wasnít really a game, as Philly throttled Minnesota after the Vikings took a 7-0 lead, and that led to us splitting our two no limit plays and taking the loss for the day after the other plays were factored in. Still, we are in GREAT shape heading not only into this week, but also for the Super Bowl. Our basketball sources have been in the midst of a dominating run, and that continued with yesterdayís 2-0 Big Monday sweep. Right now they are on a combined 11-2 run with the NBA and college combined. That sets us up for tonight. The NBA on TNT. One of our favorite nights of the week. The Snitch ALWAYS looks forward to these days because rarely, if ever, do we come up short! You can bet our dominant hoops streak is going to continue tonight. We are getting ever so close to March Madness so itís no surprise the Snitch sources are heating up on the hardwood! Tonight the streak continues. Long live the $nitch! #VegasStrong #GOAT

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